Friday, February 27, 2009

E's "Lucky Day"

So yesterday was "be kind to E day" which she managed to milk for all it was worth. It started with "because it is my kind day can I have ice cream cake for dessert?" (sure, why not?) and ended up as "because it is my lucky day can I not go to time out?" (Um, no, you hit your sister you definitely have to go to time out). No flies on her I can tell you! I'm glad we had "be kind to E day" - I think she needed it and I think I needed the reminder to be fair as a parent. So with the rules about to be enforced more equally, how long do you think it will take before A2 tells me she needs a "be kind to her day"???

A1 has had a good couple of days. She is playing beside me on the floor instead of being in bed asleep (oops I did it again - sleep battle score: Child 3 vs Parents 0), but other than that she is just doing so well lately. All her therapists are really happy with her progress. She is just so much more curious and interested in the world. She babbles constantly and has gone from having no words 4 months ago to having around 15 - 20 words (and 5 or 6 animal noises too). Couple that with the crawling and pulling up onto her knees and she has just had a developmental explosion over the last few months. It has been delightful to watch.

Here is a pic of her on her knees in her cute outfit she wore to the NYE picnic...look at that posture and head control!


cadelsjourney said...

"Developmental Explosion", lol, that is a great way to describe it!! I am glad you decided to stop thinking and start a blog, it is great!

n0thingbuteverything said...

Wow, that pic is so lovely to see! Look at her balance and control AND she is such a cute little fairy!!! I can sense a BIG year ahead for your gorgeous girl ;-).

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Yay I think I can leave a comment! Alison, I just LOVE reading your blog, it is so beautifully written with love and humour. A2 just blows me away every time I read about her! I am also loving learning more about A1 and E! I am so pleased for you to be blogging!