Sunday, February 22, 2009

The sleep battle - child 1 vs parents 0

So A1 has decided she doesn't want to go to sleep at night. She wants to PLAY. She lies in her cot and screams for us - and the second we come in she is happy! What usually happens is that I can't stand the crying so I do the worst thing possible - I get her out of bed for a little play. Hmmm ... what have I just taught her???

So here we are - 9:30pm and she is lying beside me on the floor playing and having a chat.

Does anyone know if "sleep training" is acceptable to use on a child with a developmental delay??? They say you can use it from 6 months of age onwards - and her understanding is more advanced than a 6 month old....but I just don't know. It doesn't feel right - no matter how frustrating it is that she won't sleep. And because it has taken so long for her to develop words I can't bare to ignore her when she is crying out "mummy" through her tears.

On a brighter note she went to Noah's this morning (like Sunday school) and stayed there for the first time without me! The church has been great about accommodating her needs and are working out a roster of people who can stay with her so M & I can get to church. It was great - she went off with her sisters and played and did craft (I use those terms loosely - someone else did most of her craft) - but it was the beginning of her participating in 'regular' childhood activities. Up until now I hadn't sent her. I thought I was protecting her from getting sick or from getting hurt by the other children. But I realised that I was actually trying to protect myself...from being "that" parent - the one that always stands out, the one that has to educate everyone about their child's know the one....disability is just so damn conspicuous sometimes! So, now she goes to Noah's.

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n0thingbuteverything said...

Great news about A1 spending time without you at Noah's. Lovely!!

I wish I had some worthwhile advice about the sleep thing, but I am so so rubbish about sleep stuff. I would say its kids 5,432,125 and parents 0 in my my house ;-). I can tell you that BC had a lot of early sleep issues (waking like A1) which we later realised were largely down to his digestive system being so challenged (he was waking with a sore tummy). We altered his diet (removed dairy and wheat) and his sleep (and his bowel habits) slowly improved. It COULD be worth a try?

Good luck!