Saturday, February 21, 2009

Update from Christmas 2006

Merry Christmas!

Hi Everyone
Merry Christmas! Sorry for the “form letter’ Christmas card this year – but I am sure you can all imagine how busy we are at the moment. It has been quite an eventful year for us!

Emma’s News
Emma turned 2 in March. She is bright and talkative and very much looking forward to this Christmas. She is very good with her baby sisters, although I think will enjoy them more when they are big enough to boss around. She enjoys playing dress-ups, going on her swing (in the revitalised backyard), and eating chocolate. Emma will start preschool next year 2 days a week – we are all very excited about that!

Ashlea & Audrey's News
Our twins were born 13 weeks early on the 21st April this year. After a very rocky start they are now both at home – Audrey after 3 months and Ashlea after 5 long months in hospital. The girls are now 8 months old (5 months corrected). A reminder of how far we’ve come - this picture was taken the day after they were born....



Audrey is doing amazingly well. She is now 6.7kg which is right on the 50% for her corrected age.She is very social and smiley and loves to have a chat. At her 4 month corrected assessment at the hospital she was assessed as having a mild-moderate developmental delay, however her regular physio is very happy with her progress and we are hopeful that in time she will fully catch up. She is obviously out to prove that assessment wrong as she has started to grab hold of toys and has even mastered the art of rolling in the last week.

Ashlea is still a tiny 4.3kg. At her 4 month assessment she was assessed as having a moderate-severe delay. We are hopeful she will make improvements but we do expect she will have long term developmental and physical problems. Her kidney function is stable at the moment (creatinine is 101) and they are still saying 5 – 10 years until she needs a transplant. Her reflux is still horrendous – she may be small but my goodness can she spew. Her vision in her left eye is completely gone – in spite of never getting ROP she has a detached retina in her left eye. She will probably have surgery to repair this in the New Year – the operation probably won’t have an effect on her vision, but will allow her eye to continue to grow normally. Both eyes are a weird shape but we are hopeful she will develop useful vision in her right eye. She gets her first pair of baby glasses this week! We can’t wait for her to see us for the first time.

We would like to thank you all for your support throughout this year. Thank you for all the cards, gifts, meals and especially prayers – they are very much appreciated. We are sorry we haven’t had the chance to thank you all personally.

A big thank you also to the “Backyard Blitx” team who revamped our tired old backyard.

Wishing you all a safe and merry Chrismas.

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