Monday, March 9, 2009

Dental Daze...

Well, fun day for me today - a visit to the dentist. For me this involves having to be sedated (seriously...major phobia) so it does end up being a little bit fun. I get to have a nice little byesie while the dentist does his thing (root canal and a crown in this case) and then I get to go home feeling ever so slightly stoned. Of course M had to take the day off work to look after me - so I made him look after the kids and then I went to bed and indulged in the biggest luxury of all for a busy mum - a long afternoon snooze. Bliss!

Although when I awoke from my drug haze (at 5pm) I discovered something a little shocking - 2 horrid metal teeth in my mouth! After a small panic attack I checked my receipt from the dentist and it appears they are only temporary crowns....phew!

And now if you would like to move your attention to the other end of the digestive tract... we have some big news! A2 had her first full day of using the potty with no accidents! We have been toilet training in preparation for preschool next month, but have been a bit half-hearted about it. But today she wore undies all day (well actually she started in undies but abandoned them by lunchtime) and did everything in the potty! She is very proud of herself and keeps saying "I ready for preschool". She is still getting the hang of the whole timing thing and will often come tearing in from outside yelling "WHERE'S THE POTTY???" and we have to clear out of the way as she bolts to the potty. But I think she has got the hang of it now, so from now on - no more nappies during the day.

It is very exciting to have one less child in nappies. My next nappy goal for the year is to try and get free nappies for A1 from the PADP. I have heard you can get them from the age of 3 so that is my next mission - I plan to be on their doorstep with the paperwork the day after the girls' birthday!


Sarah said...

Great to hear about the toilet training!

Not so nice about then dental appt, how many dental appts do you have left now? ouch!

Alison said...

Only 1 appointment left - to pick up my 2 new crowns. I've run out of money anyway - can't afford any more! In fact I am waiting for K-Rudd's bonus to pay off the bill for this lot of work!

n0thingbuteverything said...

Ouch. Sorry to hear about the dentist ;-(. I share your fears! I even hate going with BC and have had to use all my very best mummy skills to not transfer my fear of dentists on to him ;-).

Great news on the toilet training front though. Awesome!

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Great news about the toilet training! yipee! and that stoned drugged sleep sounds awesome! lol
Here in Vic I think the nappy/incontinence age is 5 :( but i have accessed funding through another organisation for nappies.