Monday, March 30, 2009

IFSP Review

Today A1 had her 6 monthly IFSP review at the Spastic Centre. This is where we look back over the goals we set 6 months ago and set new ones for the next 6 months. Today's review was slightly different to previous ones in two ways.

Firstly, we were able to actually tick off some goals as ACHIEVED! Previous meetings most of the goals have just rolled over onto the new plan, but this time we were able to say "YES she can crawl" and "YES she has started using words". Obviously speech continues to be an ongoing goal but it was great to be able to see that she had reached the targets we set 6 months ago.

Secondly, we aren't planning for the next 6 months of therapy, we are kind of planning for the next 6 months of non-therapy. When the twins turn 3 next month, A1 is no longer eligible for continuous services from the Spastic Centre, but has to go onto the waiting list in order to receive services. The wait list can be as long as a year. Previously I felt quite frustrated about the idea of all of a sudden stopping therapy, but to be honest at the moment I am so exhausted that I am actually looking forward to having a break. I need a rest. Next year the twins will be at preschool (which will be very therapeutic - for me as well as them), so it is really just the remainder of the year that we won't have as much therapy. We still have hydrotherapy and vision stuff through RIDBC, and we'll probably throw in some private speech therapy so I guess it isn't that much of a break after all! I'll be happy even if we are just slightly less busy.

So, what goals did we set for the next 6 months???
* we are still working on sitting
* improving speech
* preschool transition
* applying for equipment (walker, wheelchair and bed modifications)
* learning cause and effect (through using switch adapted devices)
* learning to pull up to stand

That's all I can remember for now. Hopefully I can report in 6 months that some of these goals have also been achieved - even if only the equipment ones. You never know with Miss A though - she may surprise us all - it wouldn't be the first time.


Big brother, Little sister. said...

So glad you can have a break but disappointing that therapy ceases as such after 3. Here in Vic ours is until school age and then the same agency follows the child through till 18 but less hours allocated as such. I am certain A1 will achieve many of those list things plus more to keep you on your toes! 3-4 is a big year I feel!

Sarah said...

I agree it will be nice for you all to have a break from some of the therapies.
Although I am wondering why the spastic centre has said A1 needs to go on the waiting list again?!? Violet is on there's as all the kids are @ Kingswood branch until school age.