Monday, March 23, 2009

Mum, where do you get babies from???

Yes, the conversation every parent wants to have with their almost 5 year old.

We were driving home from physiotherapy when we passed a reception venue. This started a discussion about weddings, which lead to...

"When you get married do you HAVE to have babies?"
No darling, only if you want to.

And then...
"But Mum, where you you get babies from anyway?"

Can I say I was totally unprepared for this question! I thought we had YEARS before this topic would come up. I was deliberately vague in my answer as I really don't think 4 year olds want or need to know all the details. So I said that the Mummy & Daddy decide they want to have a baby and then the daddy puts something in the mummy's tummy and the baby grows there. I have no idea if that was the right thing to say! Anyone been there, done that and got any tips???

My vague answer seemed to satisfy her enough, because then the conversation moved on to...

"I don't want to have babies"
Why not E?

"I don't want to have to look after them!"

Fair enough!


Sarah said...

I had that question from Emily quite early too.
I just said that a mum and dad decide they want to have a baby and they have a little bit of the mum and a little bit of the dad and it grows inside mum's tummy...just thinking now...maybe I said too much!

She has since asked me more but even now she is 8 I feel she shouldn't know about it just yet?! I probably should in the next few years before she hits puberty.

I love how E explained why she doesn't want kids!

Big brother, Little sister. said...

I LOVE it Alison! and so true they are hard work! lol
As for explaining it....Cooper has never really asked as such, he is happy with the fact the baby is in my tummy and does not seem interested in how it got there just how it comes out!
I think you explained it perfectly!

n0thingbuteverything said...

Oh, do I ever dread the tricky questions ;-).

I think your answer was great. I think it's good to be truthful, just not too revealing ;-).

Well handled!

Cute too that E doesn't want kids. She's right too, too much work! ;-)