Friday, March 20, 2009

My First Rant...

You knew it was coming sooner or later - its not possible for me to have a blog and not use it to rant about the idiots we encounter in everyday life. Maybe 'idiot' is too harsh a word - lets try something a bit more pc - how about 'neuronally challenged'?

Yesterdays 'neuronally challenged' individual works in Big W - does this surprise you? I took the twins to the shops to get supplies for E's upcoming birthday extravaganza, and while we were shopping A1 threw her glasses out of the pram. Now this is not unusual, but fortunately we haven't lost a pair yet (I'm sure it is only a matter of time though). I didn't realise we had lost them until I had packed everything in the car and was putting the girls in the car (its always the way isn't it?) so I had to put the twins back in the pram and retrace our steps. We got back to Big W and I asked if anyone had seen some baby glasses - this is where the aforementioned individual comes into the story. Her reply???

"Yes I found some on the floor so I threw them in the bin".

What the??? Do these look like something that should be thrown in the bin? Surely they have a policy of holding onto lost property to see if someone claims it?

Luckily they weren't damaged from their time in the bin and we have them back now. And thanks to this little opportunity to rant I feel much better!

You know there will be plenty more posts like this in the future don't you??? I just can't help myself and it is so therapeutic!


Sarah said...

I would have thought they would have to hold them in case someone came back to claim! Very Strange!

Glad you have them back in 1 piece. It is great just how therapeutic a blog can be!

Big brother, Little sister. said...

I am impressed that A1 threw them! lol but seriously yes they should hang onto things for at least 24hrs....sounds like she was incredibly lazy.

n0thingbuteverything said...

What? What? What?

I am very glad you've had the chance to rant, but I'd also be writing a letter to the manager at the Big W store. They need to review their policies (or their hiring procedures!).

Who throws lost property away??? And like you need that extra stress! What if you hadn't realised until the next day?

One of BC's $300 piedro boots fell off in K-mart once and I didn't realise until we were back at the car. I went back and spoke to customer service and the staff member was useless. Couldn't care less. It was another customer in the line who suggested I wander down to layby. Apparently things are often handed in there.

When I got there and saw the sandal sitting on the counter, I nearly burst into tears I was so relieved.

Rant on. It's very, very good for you ;-).