Sunday, March 29, 2009


Usually when I feel overwhelmed about 'disability stuff' it is bad overwhelmed, not good overwhelmed. Today I am overwhelmed in a good way - by people's kindness and generosity.

At church this morning this leaflet was in amongst all the other bits of paper they give out...obviously they used our real names but the Paranoid Android that I am married to worries about identity theft so for now we will remain anonymous on this blog (ridiculous really since you all know our names anyway!).

From the Pastoral Care Group - March 2009

Dear Friends

In addition to our regular planned giving to the general finances of the church, from time to time we also ask you to consider the specific needs of members of our congregation who are experiencing financial difficulties. One such family at the moment is the A family. Some of you will know them but for those who don't allow us to introduce them to you. Alison and M have been part of Christ Church for many years. They have three daughters, E who is five and twins A1 and A2 who will be three in April. A1 was born with multiple disabilities. She has cerebral palsy, she is blind, she needs to be tube fed and will eventually need a kidney transplant. A1, as you can imagine has many special needs and these needs create financial difficulties for M and Alison. One of A1's most urgent needs at the moment is a specialized walking frame, the cost of which is between $3500 and $4000.

The Pastoral Care Group would like to encourage our church family to support A1. We would ask you to pray about this need for A1 and if the Lord lays it on your heart, to contribute in some way to the purchase of this equipment.

After this there were details of how people could donate.

How amazing!!! Our church is going to help buy A1 her walker so that we don't have to wait for 12 months (or however long) for the funding to come through! THANK YOU GOD!!! I knew the church wanted to help in some way, but I was not expecting this. I can't wait to see the physio tomorrow to discuss trying some other walkers so we can decide which one to get.

I spoke to a few people after church and they all sounded really positive about supporting us. I think a few hadn't realized the extent of A1's disabilities - when they see her she is often in the pram and looks like a younger child so it isn't so in your face. But when they are listed like that it can be pretty confronting - I know because I still find it confronting sometimes to see a list of her disabilities like that (and that wasn't even the complete list!).

Today, however, I am not overwhelmed by what is on her list, but by the kindness and generosity of God's people in wanting to help us like this. Lets get us a walker!!!

And just in case you have forgotten how cute she is, here is a picture ofA1 'rumbling' with E.


Family said...

Praise God!! What a blessing, its so great to hear the Body of Christ act as Christ intends it to do so - my wife and I will be praying for an amount of greatness!

n0thingbuteverything said...

How wonderful to have the support of your church community!!!
It's really lovely when people come together to help each other.

Sarah said...

How lovely of them!