Friday, March 20, 2009

Paed Review

Today the twins had their 6 monthly check up with the paediatrician. We always do A2's review first as she is in such good shape it is ridiculous that she even has a paediatrician. But she was an ex-27 weeker too so she gets the once over every 6 months - and always gets an excellent report. She is 92.2cm and 13.5kg which puts her on the 50th centile for height and weight. Sometimes it amazes me to think she was so premature - you really can't pick it now (except for the head shape maybe!).

A1 got a really good report from the doctor too. It was so refreshing to be with a doctor who, instead of just talking about all the issues, was so happy to see A1's progress. She has been seeing the girls for 2.5 years now and was just so happy to see how A1 has progressed since our last visit 6 months ago. It is not often that you go away from an appointment feeling good not stressed - but this was a good one. Oh and she is also going to get onto the free nappies for us.

A1's stats are 11.7kg and 83cm (sort of - very hard to measure her accurately). Getting further below the chart for height but still growing so no need for growth hormone just yet. Her button (PEG) is definitely getting too small so we are going to look into getting a larger size. I am not sure whether to stay with the entristar or change to a mic-key. The entristar is great because it sits really flat on the skin and is nearly impossible to remove. The mick-key sticks out a bit more and is much easier to remove (ie the child can potentially pull it out) but that also means you can change it at home if need be rather than needing a general anaesthetic. If anyone has any thoughts / preferences please leave me some feedback.

And to finish for the day here are a couple of cute pics of A1 from this afternoon. I am thinking this walker may not be the one for us if it is this comfortable and non-challenging....

Maybe this is why instead of being in bed Miss A is up crawling around and chatting??? Hmmm sleep battle score: Child 15 v Parents 0


Sarah said...

Great Review Alison!

Love the photos in the walker, very cute...and her hair looks like it has grown heaps.

n0thingbuteverything said...

What a great appointment! I am so pleased it went so well.

And LOVE the pics. Very cute ;-).