Saturday, March 28, 2009

Party Day!

Here is a little snippet of our party day...



Sarah said...

Great video on Emma's Birthday! Justine Clark for musical chairs, how very cool!

Well put together Alison and just love Ashlea at the end saying bye!

Family said...

Your family is beautiful! Your advocacy and copassion for your chldren is commendable and should be expected from all! E's birthday, what a great day to celebrate. . my wife nad I just read the front page, I laughed and dare I say teared up a bit. I am enjoying reading the suttle differences in our "language" differences. . We are assuming "lolly" is candy bag? Im getting on my knees after I post this comment for your family. . .having kids with challenges our knees should be callas, kinda hard when your schedule barelly gives you time to wipe more than once ;-) We are praying for you and are in great hope of a better score when that time comes. Look forward to hearing more from our friends half way across the world! Children are such precious creations of God!