Monday, March 16, 2009

PDC Appointment

Today A1 had her first appointment at the Physical Disability Clinic. We were meant to be seen ages ago but our referral got lost somewhere in the ether. Anyway, we finally got there today. We were there for about an hour and a half (fun with 3 kids - who knew sibling care closes early on Mondays???)

The summary of the appointment is this:
* yes they agree with the initial diagnosis of spastic diplegia but they won't comment on the severity (we were originally told moderate severity)
* they think botox would be a good option for her so we are on the wait list for that (8 months apparently but we are hoping for a cancellation so we can get in sooner).
* we need new AFOs - so we are getting the casting done for them in early May
* A1 needs a hip x-ray which we ended up doing this afternoon - although her hips felt alright when the doctors checked them so hopefully nothing nasty will show up there

We need to go back in 6 months. In the meantime the search for a walker and a wheelchair continues. We saw this wheelchair last week - however it doesn't come in a size small enough for her so it is not an option - which is disappointing as it had everything we were looking for (and I really like the wheels). But we did see this walker (the picture is only of the basic frame - we would be getting it with all the bells and whistles that fit inside it to hold her up). We want to try it out ASAP - it is much lighter than the current one we are trialling - which I don't think I could get in and out of the car without giving myself a hernia!

Watch this space ... we also have a paed appointment this week and I will be asking about free nappies and if A1 is getting too fat for her peg!


Sarah said...

Glad to hear you finally got your appt with the PDC. They are very thorough aren't they.

Really hope they have a cancellation so you can get into Botox sooner, 8 months is a long time to wait when you have already been waiting.

n0thingbuteverything said...

Alison, sounds like a positive appointment, but you deserve a medal for having all 3 of the kids with you!

I LOVE the wheelchair and agree it would be perfect if it came in smaller sizes. It looks very lightweight and zippy! One to remember for the future.

The walker looks good too.

I hope the hip x-ray went fine. You've just reminded me we were supposed to get one done when we were at the RCH the other week. Oopps!