Sunday, March 22, 2009


Anyone want to see a pic of my toe??? Thought not...but here it is anyway. I think I broke it today. A2, who as you will remember is newly toilet trained, was heading for the potty - actually reversing up to it is a better description, moaning "I need to do a poo". I was sitting on the floor feeding A1 when I realised A2 still had her undies on. PANIC! In my haste to get them off I leapt up off the floor, whacking my hip on the kitchen bench in the process, this then threw me off balance causing me to stumble and kick my toe....but I got there in time! And you know what - it was worth it - I'd rather have a broken toe than a potty disaster ANY DAY!

Aahhh - I love blogging. Without it none of you would have been blessed by knowing these exciting details from my life!


Sarah said...

Ouch! Sounds painful!

n0thingbuteverything said...

Oh, you poor thing!! I hope it isn't really broken ;-(.

I am glad that you managed to avert the potty disaster though! I agree. Most important xo