Sunday, March 8, 2009

Which Walker?

Along with the question of which wheelchair to get Miss A1, comes the question of which walking frame to get. We have had one over the weekend...I don't know what it is called but here is a picture of her in it...It is pretty chunky and relatively heavy but she doesn't hate it as much as the others we have tried so that has to be a good start!

She can't really get it moving on the carpet, but if we take her out onto the concrete she can move backwards in it. Is it the best one for her? Who knows. It is the best of the ones we have tried so far...I just don't know whether to go with this one seeing as she can't actually walk in it yet. But maybe that will come with time? The good thing with this one is that all of the inside "bits" can be removed if (I like to think when) her walking improves and then it can be used like a kaye walker. For those experienced using walkers please feel free to leave feedback - especially about how long it took your child to "get the hang of it".

So of course I have a little clip for you of her pottering around the yard in it. It was great - she was able to be outside with her sisters - participating with them. They were on their bikes and she was in her walker and they were all able to potter around together. It was fabulous. You'll have to excuse her crazy hair and the background noise - A2 was about to leap off the trampoline and was yelling for us to come and get her - I think the fairy wings she was wearing had given her the illusion of flight - she was standing on the edge "flapping" her arms and then yelled for help almost as an afterthought.

Here are a couple of other pics from this afternoon...

A2, A1 & E and the girls and I...

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Big brother, Little sister. said...

Your yard looks like a kids paradise! it's so great to have the open space for the walker.
We took at least 1.5 years to decide on a walker to purchase and we borrowed lots in between. I wanted Cooper to have one for 4 year old kinder that he was use to so got it in the Sep before. It has extra attachments that I too dream of taking off one day. He lasts about 20mins max at a time in it altho has done an hour at bunnings and safeway!
I would borrow for a bit until A1 does get the hang of it and needs it for Kinder and would use it more regularly.
she looks great in it too!