Friday, April 24, 2009

Freaky Friday

Do you ever have one of those days? Sometimes I wonder if it is just me that has 'those days' - most of the people I know don't seem to have such chaotic lives! Is this just random chaos or I am the common link???

This morning I was attacked by my clothesline. As I was hanging out the washing I thought the line felt a bit wobbly but when I checked it it seemed fine. Anyway I kept hanging out the washing and then this happened...

The post broke about a foot off the ground and the whole thing fell over! When I rang M and my sister to tell them what happened they didn't give me much sympathy. I think the thought of me being found pinned to the ground by the clothesline was too much for them and they couldn't stop laughing. I wonder if that would get me a Darwin award???

Not long after that we were all back inside when E informed me that Big A had locked herself in our bathroom. When I went to investigate I found that this was in fact true. Big A was inside and had locked the door and couldn't unlock it, and I couldn't open the door from the outside. My sister told me to poke something through the hole in the door handle. I found what looked like a small screw hole on the side of the door handle and tried shoving all manner of things down there to open the door but with no luck. By this time A was quite hysterical. I decided to call the fire brigade as I thought that would be the quickest way to get her out (when they asked if they needed to come using lights and sirens I quickly said NO). But then I noticed a hole in the middle of the door handle (which I hadn't seen before) and lo and behold.. SUCCESS! I was even able to ring the firies back and tell them not to come. So, some lessons for you from this experience...

* pushing flat lolly pops under the door is a fantastic way to soothe a hysterical child

* if someone is locked in , a kebab skewer is perfect for shoving down the lock to get them out...(here is a pic of the hole and skewer just in case you find yourself in a similar position).

Who knew the handles had a little hole just for that purpose? I have learnt something new AND useful today!

The day just got better and better after that. The girls and I went and had our 'flu shots. Then I took them to the shops to buy new lunch boxes (Big A has her first day at preschool on Monday). Usually we have a good time at the shops, but today Big A had a colossal tantrum and screamed through Big W and Medicare. After more misbehaviour in the bank I told her there would be no donuts as she hadn't behaved well enough which resulted in another tantrum that lasted all the way back to the car. So if anyone saw an exasperated mum pushing 3 blond children - one of them screaming hysterically - through Macquarie Centre today - that was me. HI!

So, is it just me? Am I the common link in the chaos??? Or do other people have days like this too? I'm going to bed.

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n0thingbuteverything said...

Oh Alison, I really have to confess, the clothesline thing is very very funny. Terrible, and potentially tragic, but as you're OK, I just have to laugh. It is such a fabulous photo - kind of a metaphor for how we all feel about housework ;-).
Being locked in the bathroom doesn't sound like much fun. Thank goodness for lollypops and skewers (who would have guessed about the skewers!).
Glad your day got better (except for the tantrums). I hope you got a good night sleep last night.