Thursday, April 9, 2009

I am obsessed with numbers

Anyone who has had a child in the NICU or PICU will tell you that eventually you become obsessed with numbers. In particular oxygen saturation, breathing and heart rate. Even though the NICU was 3 years ago my obsession with numbers has continued, only now it focuses on Little A's kidney numbers - creatinine, urea, sodium, haemoglobin etc.

It is time for Little A's blood test to check her kidney function. This is the longest we have gone (3 months) without having bloods in ages so I am getting anxious about the results. Will her creatinine have gone up again? Will it be stable? Will a miracle have occurred and it has gone down? These thoughts start going through my head a couple of weeks before blood test day - and now that the day is here I am impatient to get the results. Hopefully they will be back by this afternoon so I don't have to wait over the Easter long weekend to find out.

For those who are new to kidney worries, some of her previous results have been:
Dec 2007: creatinine 115
Jul 2008: creatinine 159
Jan 2009: creatinine 194

Can you see why I am worried it might have gone up again? I am hoping it will stabilise at this new level of around 200 - I am still hoping she will get to at least age 5 before needing her transplant. The numbers will tell.


Sarah said...

Really hope little A's levels stabilise too.

karina said...

Prayers for a lower level!