Friday, May 22, 2009

The Pink Panther

Today we saw another wheelchair - called the 'Panther'. And yes, it was pink. The panther is a 'tilt-in-space' style wheelchair. After seeing it we decided that little A probably doesn't need a tilting wheelchair, especially because we can use the reclining seat of the panther on the base of a different wheelchair and have a cheaper, lighter chair that reclines if she needs to have a snooze while we're out.

While we were looking at wheelchairs, we had a twin milestone was one of the first times (probably THE first time) I have seen my twins actually playing together. There was a box of lego out and they were both rummaging in it together. Both doing the same thing and laughing together. Priceless. I'm hoping for many more similar moments!

We are going to be reviewing all the wheelchairs we have looked at next week and will be (hopefully) making a decision.

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Big brother, Little sister. said...

just beautiful Alison I too hope the girls have many many more special play dates. xx