Saturday, June 6, 2009


We picked up Little A's new AFOs this week...she seems to be tolerating them a bit better than her old ones. She kept them on for 3 hours yesterday before saying "shoes off".

Here is a pic...

Of course we then had to buy some new shoes to accommodate them. I don't think the lady in the shoe shop quite new what to make of us. She kept wanting to measure Little A's foot, and was a bit taken aback when I told her just to measure the AFO. I picked these shoes as (surprisingly) they were the easiest to get a foot and an orthotic into.

This was our first experience buying shoes with AFOs and I can see why other parents who have children with AFOs find it so stressful. It was obviously not what the shop assistant was used to dealing with, and I pretty much had to take charge and tell her how to help us. Sometimes you have to have a pretty thick skin being a SN mum, otherwise something simple like buying shoes can trigger the sadness that comes with being reminded (again and again) that your child is different.

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starofamp said...

They are really cool looking AFO's and the shoes really suit them! A. will look great!
I can totally relate to having to go through buying shoes to fit AFO's. It was very hard.
And you're right. You do have to have very thick skin when you are a SN mum!