Monday, June 15, 2009

Big School baby is growing up! Miss E is off to Big School next year. This morning we went to an open day at the school she will attend - it is hard to imagine her in school uniform and attending school, but I'm sure it will be here before we know it. The school she will attend is our local public school and it happens to have a disability support unit, kinda cool hey? So, potentially, all 3 of my girls could attend school there in the future.

Choosing a school for E and Big A seems so simple...Find out what the local school is and enrol! Choosing a school for Little A seems much harder!

So far my school options for Little A are:
William Rose (special school)
Alice Betteridge (special school)
Jasper Road (public school with disability unit)

So far I have only visited Jasper Road. The support unit looks great. I just don't know if it will be supportive enough for her, especially with her vision impairment. The other two schools on my list are special schools that cater for children with a sensory impairment so at the moment I am thinking that may be a better option. Although if Little A continues to make good progress then who knows...maybe she could manage in the support class?

The good thing about Jasper Road is that it allows for integration with the rest of the school. The children with special needs participate in school assembly, the playground, pretty much every school activity. They even go on school camp in year 5 (GULP).

Thankfully I have another 2 years to make the decision!

As for E, the big day is getting closer and closer! I think she was a bit worried before going to the open day today, but she quite enjoyed looking around the school and she REALLY loved seeing her BFF from preschool last year who now attends the school.

Now I just have to psyche myself up for being at school by 9am for the next however many years!!


Lacey said...

Yeah for school. Its so hard to send your first child off to school. I remember it well, I can't believe next year all three of my boys will be gone all day and I'll only have Jax, wierd.

Sarah said...

Wow, can't believe big school already!

Alot of my Spastic Centre friends children attend Jasper Road. They rave about how good it is there.