Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Eye Clinic

Today Ashlea had her regular eye review. It has been at least 18 months since she has seen an ophthalmologist (as the Professor we used to see has retired), and 12 months since her last eye Evaluation Under Anaesthetic (EUA).

When we got there we were seen by the orthoptist who tested her vision using the teller acuity cards. These give a general idea of distance vision. With her glasses on Ashlea is usually 6/60 (legally blind - what you and I can see at 60m she would need to be 6m away from...although it is confusing because there is no way she can actually see 6m). Today they measured her at 6/36 (better) but I don't think it was that accurate - I think they moved the cards a lot closer towards the end. She had this same test last week through the RIDBC and she was 6/60. So no change in her vision from that point. One interesting thing I asked them to do was to do the test without her glasses on to try and get an idea of how much they help her - she scored 6/500+ (very BAD). So at least we know it is worth persevering with keeping the glasses on!

(As an aside...if you are interested in getting an idea of what the different vision levels look like click here).

So, Ashlea tolerated that part of the assessment OK, mainly because a) the orthoptist was female, and b) no one touched her. After that we talked to the doctor and then they put the drops in her eyes to examine them (insert loud screaming at this point).

When the time came for the examination it was a total waste of time...mainly because a) the doctor was male, and b) he tried to get near her (not even touching!). One thing kind of important for an eye exam is keeping your eyes OPEN. Unfortunately when you spend the whole time screaming and crying it usually means your eyes are clamped tightly SHUT. The doctor wasn't able to examine her eyes at all, so we are scheduling another EUA for later this year. I am not thrilled about the idea of another GA, but I would really like her prescription checked seeing as she is so dependent on her glasses. She also needs the glaucoma in her bad eye checked - although the doctor did reassure me today that it isn't possible for the eye to keep swelling to the point of explosion...kind of nice to know.

I am hoping we can kill a couple of birds with the one stone and get her EUA, her botox AND a dental exam done all under the one anaesthetic. What do you think the chances of such coordination at a hospital are???

The GREAT news from today is that it was a SUNNY day. We took the walker for a spin in the backyard, and while she wasn't unhappy to be in it, she did have something else on her mind...."BIKE!"


Lacey said...

Hopefully they can schedule everything at once. Their pretty good at doing that here. Avoid multiple anethesia's. Man I would want the bike too :)

Sarah said...

I hate eye clinic appts too!

I think they should be able to schedule them together under the 1 GA. They did for Violet's 2 recent procedures (as you had suggested)