Monday, June 1, 2009

New toys!

I love getting new toys and gadgets, and today we received a parcel in the mail containing some fun things.

The big gadget at the back is called the "Speech Therapist". You can record 4 different messages on it and play them back. The idea of the mirror is that the child can see their mouth moving in the mirror and see how to make the sounds (not quite sure how that works when a) the child can't make the sounds, and b) the child is blind...but anyway). E has had great fun all afternoon recording messages for Little A to playback. The only downside that I can see to this one is that you need an adult to switch between the 4 messages. So for the moment Little A can only play back one message repeatedly until we come and change to another message.

The smaller communicator with the red button is called a 'Step by Step' communicator. I really like this one. You can record up to 2 minutes of speech on it. So far each of us has recorded a short greeting for Little A and she can play each of them back by pressing the button. I think she really likes hearing all the different voices talking to her. Each time she hits the switch a new person says hello to her!

I'm not really sure how to use these communication aids for best effect yet (feel free to leave some ideas if you have any). I like the idea I saw on Inky Ed's blog about recording the child's news or 'show and tell' onto it and then allowing the child to play it for the class. I don't really want Little A to use the devices instead of actually speaking though...I'd rather use them to teach her new words / correct pronunciation...that sort of thing. I am open to suggestions....

The other 2 buttons are just switches which will come in very handy as we have a few switch adapted toys but only one switch. My favourite switch adapted gadget is the Ipod adapter. We have our ipod and adapter permanently plugged into the stereo. It is set so that when Little A hits the switch the music starts and the next time she hits the switch the music stops. She LOVES playing with this. We keep it set up on her table so she knows where to find it by herself.

I think we have one more gadget on back order - a power box. This will allow us to plug in any "powered" device and turn it on and off with one of the big coloured switches. I'm not sure what device we will use it for yet...again, feel free to leave suggestions.

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Lacey said...

Wow that is cool. I hope it works great for you guys.