Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Not Me Monday (on a Tuesday)

Usually I don't participate in "Not Me Monday" created by MckMama, but today is "Not My Child Monday" and even though I am a little late in posting it, I can't let this oldie but goodie from Emma go unpublished!

It was definitely NOT my child, who while we were in the pathology waiting room of our local children's hospital was staring at a young boy who was wearing a cochlear implant, and who happened to have very dark skin.

I did NOT hear her say something that sounded to me like:

"Why have you got that thing?"

Upon turning around I definitely did NOT hear her say to the little boy (in a VERY loud voice in front of a crowded waiting room):

"Excuse me! I'm talking to you! Why have you got that SKIN???"

I then did NOT have to give a short lesson about people from other countries (in front of the entire waiting room and the child's father...who thankfully was very understanding).

Definitely not my child, no way!


karina said...

That's funny!!! Aren't you glad that wasn't your child?!

Sarah said...

Oh no! That would have been full on! Glad the father was understanding!

n0thingbuteverything said...

Too funny ;-).