Friday, July 24, 2009

The Poor Thing

We were at the shops the other day (getting donuts as usual) and Ashlea got 'poor thing'ed. Let me explain...

I was chatting to another mum and a little old lady stopped me to point out that Ashlea was in the process of throwing her glasses on the floor. At this point I am liking the little old lady as she has saved me from having to retrace my steps throughout the shops looking for them later. But then, as she was turning to leave, the old lady looked at Ashlea and said "the poor thing".

Not liking the lady so much at this point. What do you say when people 'poor thing' your child? It isn't so bad when your child is obviously unwell and it is sympathy because they are sick, but Ashlea was happily sitting in her pram babbling to herself. I know the lady didn't mean any harm by it, but I feel it was an unnecessary reminder of my child's disabilities - another case of seeing the disability rather than the child.

So, I need a comeback. Any ideas???


n0thingbuteverything said...

I wish I had some comebacks to offer! Every time BC gets 'poor thinged' I am so angry that I am too scared to say anything because I know it will probably contain some very rude words ;-). I will be keeping my eye out here to see if anyone has anything better to suggest!

Family said...

Arghh. I have anticipated these moments but have not experienced one yet. Sorry you had to hear her say that - sorry she said it. I'll ponder a creative comeback and post it. My wife and I continue to pray for your beautiful family! WE love your blog!

Anna said...

Mmmm. I usually say "Excuse me? What did you say?" That is often enough to send the speaker into an embarrassed frenzy of trying to make it NOT sound as bad as what they meant.
I think whatever you say usually sees a backtrack from the person who originally thought it their place to make a stupid commment like the "poor thing" comment.

Aaah another of the joys of being a SN parent hey?
I think what she meant to say was "Gorgeous Girl".

Heike said...

Just answer "actually no, we're quite rich thank you. Her daddy is a millionair". That will shut her up, she won't know what to think next.