Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Wii bit of fun!

It's school holidays at the moment and the sun is shining! Have we been outside enjoying the winter sunshine??? No. We have been inside playing Wii. In fact I think we are a Wii bit addicted. Especially Emma - she has played the most and keeps getting to unlock new games. I have mostly just been reminded about my poor levels of fitness and co-ordination - although I must say I am the current reigning hula-hoop champion in this house!

I'm sorry to say that I have to out my sister to the web world - she is a Wii cheat! There is a Wii-Fit game where you have to jog on the spot for 3 minutes but she has discovered that if you just hold the remote and move your arms like you're running the Wii thinks you're actually running. Although I think seeing as the Wii is often rude to us about our level of fitness, it is only fair we should be able to trick it occasionally.

Here is expert Em in action...she wouldn't let me film her practising her boxing so this is the only pic I have of her with her addiction:

We did go out in the sun for awhile today...I'm not sure what this game was - I think the car gets turned on its side to become a house (maybe):

And Ashlea has been practising her walking. She has started saying the word "walker" to indicate she would like to walk, but she still doesn't say it anywhere near as often as "bike":

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Lacey said...

I want the wii so bad. I could work out and lose some weight at home.