Thursday, August 13, 2009

More decluttering

I have finally cleaned out Ashlea's new bedroom! It is all set up and ready for her...except..the bed hasn't been modified yet so she can't actually sleep in it, but it is still progress.

Notice the In the Night Garden quilt cover?

It is quite a small room, but with only the bed and one toy shelf (another IKEA expedit - what else?) it looks quite spacious. She loves crawling in there to play with all her toys. It is the closest bedroom to the living area so she can easily go in there to play - if only she could see the TV from her bed maybe that would solve our night time problem of wanting to get up to watch ITNG???

We need modifications to the sides of the bed before we can start using it. We are thinking of getting something made by TAD. I don't have a picture to post, but they make a bed surround that looks like it is made of white mesh, and has a gate in the middle of the side of the bed. If anyone has seen any other bed modifications or has ideas for us, please leave a comment. We also need an industrial strength mattress protector, and probably some other water proof 'thingies' so I don't need to wash the sheets everyday (this girl can WEE - even though we change her nappy during the night she still wets through - actually if any of you know of some super absorbent nappies please leave a comment about that too).

We had week 2 of swimming today and it was a great success. Ashlea loved it, and totally got into it. She did have a gagging fit mid-lesson which can be a little off-putting as it looks like she is about to hurl in the pool, but other than that it was great. I did notice a few parents sneaking a peek out of the corner of their eyes, but mostly I just enjoy playing with Ashlea so don't really notice (or care). Audrey comes with us and is SO well bribed behaved . She gets a packet of chips (which don't get opened until the second before swimming starts) and it takes her nearly the whole lesson to eat them. She sits quietly the whole time - really quite out of character for her - but I am not complaining!

When I was buying Audrey's chips I noticed they had Junior Mints in the vending machine. I haven't seen them in Australia before, but I couldn't resist after that Seinfeld episode.


Sarah said...

Bedroom looks cool!

Great to hear the swimming is still going well

Lacey said...

The room looks great. I don't have any advice on the bed, we were just thinking we should start looking for a modified bed for Jax soon.

Belinda said...

Great to hear about the 2nd swimming outing! So happy you are going!

Archer has the same doona cover! Not out of his cot yet but we practice in the loungeroom and if I end up next to Archer's cot for a bit during night I get to sleep with ITNG!