Saturday, August 22, 2009

What a week!

This week has been crazy busy - like every week of ours used to be before our break from therapy (how did I survive 3 years of that???). We got a lot done though...

We have organised Ashlea's seating needs for preschool next year. For sitting at the table at preschool she is getting a CAP adjustable chair (I think - my mind has gotten a bit confused about all this equipment). A big thanks to Molly's mum for bringing in the chair so we could try it out - sorry I didn't get to chat or thank you properly we had to rush off to our next appointment. Here is a pic of the chair - although I think ours will have casters on the bottom as it is quite heavy and the casters make it easy for the staff to move it from one table to another. Ours will probably have a cushion and pommel as well.

For floor sitting she is getting a basic corner chair. The only picture of a corner chair I could find is this one - her chair will be like this, except flat on the floor to stretch her hamstrings out after botox.

And speaking of botox...we have a date! At the moment we are scheduled for botox on Monday 14th September. However, Ashlea is scheduled for her EUA (eye exam under anaesthetic) on Tuesday the 8th September. I am hoping they might be able to do the botox AND a dental exam AND the eye exam while she is having the one anaesthetic. Usually they do botox under gas only - that will not go well with my little princess screaming, thrashing wildcat. We have a great paediatrician, so I am hoping she can use her powers to co-ordinate everything.

After a busy week I am looking forward to a bit of retail therapy this weekend. My sister's new kitchenette got put in upstairs this week - so we have to go shopping to stock it. Nothing better than going shopping and spending someone else's money!

PS We had our first question at swimming this week - a mum very politely asked if I minded her asking what the 'thing in her tummy is'....and no, when you are so polite, of course I don't mind you asking!


Sarah said...

I hope Paed can organise it for you too.

Shopping with someone else's money does sound great!

Belinda said...

I hope you can get it all done at the same time!