Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wheelchair Angst

I think we have chosen a wheelchair for Ashlea - which is actually a really good thing. However I am having wheelchair angst today...."Is it the one?"

The one we are looking at is the Quickie GTX. The good things about it are:
- it folds (easy to get in the car) & isn't too heavy
- it has swing away foot plates (for standing transfers - although she is so little her feet are at least half a metre off the ground...not sure how that will work just yet)
- it will have a moulded seat and back supports, as well as lateral supports and a seat belt
- she can push it herself (sort of)
- I think we can get mag wheels (less chance of little fingers getting caught)
- you can get an adjustable stroller handle for it (easier pushing for everyone)

Here is a pic of the basic model. Of course we will be getting a cool red one.

We have looked at so many chairs that my mind is now muddled about which chair had what features. So I think we are just going to go with this one - it has most of the features we want. We need to get our application into the PADP soon in the hope we might have it in time for the start of preschool next year (STOP laughing all you people who know how efficiently the PADP works...we are still hoping to have it by the beginning of next year).

Feel free to leave feedback if there are any experienced wheelchair users out there - especially if you have a quickie. Can you believe their slogan is "there's nothing like a quickie"???


Sarah said...

Looks good. It would be a hard decision with all the different features available.

My friend has 5 year old son who uses a wheelchair and the main problem with his was that he could reach the brake, so he kept letting it off! Didn't take him long to work it out.

The slogan made me giggle too!

Alison said...

Actually I was wrong on the slogan, it is "nothing beats a quickie"

Belinda said...

I'm sure you'll make the right decision. I complain when there are not enough or too many options!!!!

Slogan! Can't help but take it wrong way. lol.

Big brother, Little sister. said...

I think it looks great! we are at the clinic on wednesday so I will check that out and get back to you on any info! I think the chair looks perfect, I saw a young Miss 5 at hospital last week with one and she loved it! and had to laugh at the slogan!