Wednesday, September 16, 2009

5 Minutes for Special Needs

Today's photos are both cute photos of Ashlea and a request to all you knowledgable special needs mums.

These photos are of Ashlea doing her absolute favourite thing in the world - riding the bike. She LOVES doing this, and as soon as anyone opens the back door she will say 'Outside....Bike'. For her to ride it I have to either hold her on - as you can see in the pics - or actually ride on it with her. What I would really love (and here is where you all come in) is some kind of adapted / special needs ride on bike for her (for Christmas). She isn't up to fully riding a bike with pedals yet, but I think she would be able to get the hang of a little ride on - as long as it had a lot of support so she didn't fall off. Please leave suggestions if you have seen anything that would be suitable.

PS I think I have worked out how the 5 Minutes for Special Needs thing works this week and will try and leave comments on all the blogs this time. Sorry for not leaving comments on everyone's blogs last week - I got side-tracked reading all the stories about everyone's kids! All the other blogs can be found here.


Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

She is adorable and looks like she really loves that bike!

Sorry I don't have any advice about an adapted bike. : (

Anonymous said...

first link ;

second link

n0thingbuteverything said...

She looks fab! There is a company that comes out to CPEC once a year that customises special needs trikes. They are expensive (so more funding!) but they are fabulous. Unfortunately, baby brain has the better of me right now and I can't remember their name. When my brain returns, I will be back to give details xo

shopannies said...

love her blond hair and pink sweater they maker her look so pretty

Katy said...

One Step Ahead catelog features at least two starter bikes that also have a handle on the back for mom and dad to push. They also have some straps so the kiddos don't fall off. I've really considered that for my son, but have doen anything about it yet.

lonestar said...

She's so cute, looks like she's having so much fun :)