Monday, September 14, 2009

B-1 and counting...

Tomorrow is botox day. It will be our first ever experience with botox. I still think they should consider setting up mother & child clinics for botox - the kids can get their spasticity botoxed and us mums can get our worry lines filled!

I hope the day won't be too distressing for Ashlea. She is extremely sensitised to being touched by any sort of medical person. Even when she had some leg measurements taken today she was hysterical. Usually for botox they just give the children gas to help them through it, but I am going to request they give Ashlea some sedation otherwise it is going to get.very.ugly.

She had her pre-botox leg measurements done today and the good news is that in spite of the spasticity she hasn't had any shortening in the muscles (I think that is what the physio said - it was hard to hear over Ashlea's wailing). The good thing about that is that it probably means she won't need serial casting after the botox - got to be thankful for that!

So....I'll update tomorrow evening or Wednesday morning to let you all know how it went.


Belinda said...

Good luck with it all tomorrow Alison! Will be thinking of you all. xx.

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Thinking of you both for tomorrow and wishing you an easy easy botox experience. Best of luck. Bron xoxoxo

Naomi said...

I will definitely be thinking of Ashlea and of course you tomorrow.

Zach is booked in for botox but under a general, I guess it would be to late to request this due to fasting etc. Which hospital are you going to? We see Dr L and he does them all under a general (or so he told me). I totally understand you wanting some kind of sedation. We also have a lot of problems with touching from medical staff and getting a pre-botox measurements was hell!

Good luck!

Sarah said...

Will be thinking of you both! Really hope it isn't too traumatic.

Good idea on the mother and child botox clinic!

Lacey said...

Good luck today. I definitely think they should help some tired mommies while their working on the kids. Its only fair.