Monday, September 21, 2009

Book Sharing Monday

I don't know who started the idea of Book Sharing Monday, but my friends Bron and Di regularly do a book post on Mondays. I don't usually participate, but found a great kids book on the weekend so thought I'd jump in this week.

My sister and I have been looking for uniquely Australian books for her to take to friends overseas when she goes next month (did I mention my jealousy over this already???). On Saturday we found this little gem. It is an Australian re-telling of the 3 little pigs...

The 3 Little Bush Pigs by Paul Dallimore

It is so Australian in it's language that I think my sister will need to translate it for our American friends! Also I must say that I think some of the humour is lost on my audience of under 5's - but the adults in the house find it thoroughly enjoyable.

The book starts...'Deep in the Pilliga Scrub lived three little bush pigs who were as keen as mustard to leave home'
Of course they soon meet the dingrel who is 'a bit of a slacker' and likes an easy feed. The first pig builds his house out of prickly pear, but that is soon demolished by the dingrel. The second pig builds his house out of wheet-a-brix boxes which is just as quickly taken care of by the dingrel. The pigs all then end up at the 3rd pig's 'mudbrick house, which had been approved in writing by the Pilliga Shire Council'.

At this point the Dingrel (and his goanna mate Dazza) 'fang it all the way' to the 3rd pig's house in their ute, where the dingrel is unable to blow down the mudbrick house. The dingrel then comes up with another scheme to catch the pigs...but I won't spoil the ending for you. You can rest easy though...

' most of the animals in this story lived happily ever after.'


Sarah said...

Sounds hillarious!

Big brother, Little sister. said...

I love the sound of this book!!! thanks for sharing.

n0thingbuteverything said...

We have this book and I LOVE it. BC on the other hand just looks at me blankly when I burst out laughing all the way through it. I'm hoping once he's a bit older he'll love it as much as I do - and it's a cracker to send to people overseas. Thanks for sharing it - might have to pull it out of the shelf and read it right now - it's been a while ;-).