Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Botox Clinic

We're back from botox. Ashlea did really well (courtesy of some very nice drugs - again, I wish they would share the kid's drugs with the parents).

Before botox clinic we had our regular PDC (Physical Disability Clinic) appointment. Our usual doctor was away, so we just went over Ashlea's history and progress, and then the physio had a look at her legs to decide which muscles to botox. It was decided to do both calves AND hamstrings (which is what I was hoping for) as both these muscle groups are really tight. The good news is she has no tightness around her hips at this stage.

Ashlea was quite unhappy during all this touching and prodding - but it did prompt something very clever from her - a mini-milestone almost! Usually when she is upset with someone she says 'Bye Bye'. She doesn't say 'No' at all - but today when no one listened to her when she said 'Bye Bye' she very forcefully said NO. And then she repeated it. And kept repeating it. No No No No No.

After that we got to wait around a bit until they put the emla cream on her legs, and then we got to wait around some more. During all this waiting I was very productive and got all my hospital business done - including finally catching up with the continence nurse and getting Ashlea into the program for free nappies through the PADP - yes you did read that correctly - free nappies. To make things even better because I told her I had trialled the nappies they normally use and thought they were absolute shite, she is geting Huggies for us.

Eventually Ashlea got to have her midazolam which made her nice and sleepy. That combined with the gas (and a CD of In the Night Garden) meant she was quite calm (by her standards) throughout the botox injections. She was still a little aware of what was going on but not enough to be too distressed. It was less stressful than our regular blood tests! She had 12 injections all up - 3 in each calf and 3 in each hamstring.

And now we get to wait some more to see what effect it will have. The peak effect is in around 3 weeks. Watch this space!


Belinda said...

What a day for you! Glad it all went as well as possible. Hoping you get the results you're after! xx.

Sarah said...

Glad it wasn't too stressful.

Excellent to hear Ashlea said No!

Great news on the nappies.

Really hope she gets the results. She has waited such a long time for her Botox.

Violet has Midazolam too as she gets so upset but she still screams the place down!

Lacey said...

Hopefully the botox does its job and loosens those muscles!!

n0thingbuteverything said...

I am so pleased it all went well! Looking forward to hearing about the results. Yay for the nappies too!

Botoksinfo said...

I have my very first botox consultation tomorrow. I'm a bit nervous and not sure what to expect ?