Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Botox Follow Up

Ashlea had a quick follow up appointment yesterday at the botox clinic to check on her progress. Even though the peak effect of the botox usually occurs after 3 weeks, we are already seeing some improvements:

Her leg muscles are much 'softer' for want of a better word. Her AFO's are easier to get on and she can tolerate them being on for longer periods - although her feet still aren't completely in the right position.

Dressing and changing her nappy are a lot easier - she feels almost rubbery compared to the usual stiffness!

When on her feet her heels are much closer to the ground than before. Although when we tried her in the walker on the weekend she didn't quite know how to get it going. She is used to using the high tone in her legs to propel herself around, so she kind of just stood there unable to move much. Yesterday she was a bit better - but still using her toes for walking unfortunately. Hopefully as the botox really kicks in she will be able to practise walking with her heels touching the ground.

She is able to tolerate sitting in her corner chair for a lot longer - we are using this chair whenever she needs to sit at the moment to try and stretch out her hamstrings. She can also sit on our laps for longer before throwing herself backwards.

So far I think we have had a pretty good response. Now its time to get stuck into the physio so we can maximise the benefits. We have been put back on the wait list to have more botox in around 6 months time.

On a completely different note, I have been mucking around trying to get photos of the kids (new camera) but unfortunately they are of the age where they like to pull faces for the camera so I've only got a few odd shots for you! Ashlea doesn't pull faces at me, but between her sunglasses and the light reflectng off her regular glasses it is still difficult to get a shot.

Here is Emma - the peasant lady...




Lacey said...

Gorgeous girls. So glad the botox is doing its job.

Sarah said...

Great to hear the botox has started to kick in!

Love the photos, look forward to many more now you have a fab camera and all!

Belinda said...

Great you can see so much improvement! Great photos also!

n0thingbuteverything said...

Lovely pics!!! And yay to the botox - it's fascinating stuff, isn't it?