Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Filming and Kidney Update

Today we got to pretend to be important, interesting people as our entourage followed us around for the day.

First up we filmed our consultation with Ashlea's kidney specialist. We have filmed with Dr H once before, during the original show when the girls were still in the nursery - Audrey in Special Care and Ashlea back on life support in the NICU. We even had the same camera man as we did that day! Things have changed so much since then. Today's consult was cool, calm and collected. That first consult - not so much - they were unable to use any of the footage of the original due to my complete hysterical breakdown part way through.

Everything is stable on the kidney front. Ashlea's creatinine today was 206 and her sodium 138 - a record low for her! She has grown since we increased her calories at the last appointment and is now 87.5cm (3rd centile) and 13.6kg (30th centile). The only issue - and there is always something - is that her phosphorous levels are low, so we are fiddling around with her formula a little to try and bring it up to normal. Her liver function is good except her ALT is still higher than it should be. It is frustrating not knowing the cause of the wayward liver numbers, but while ever they aren't effecting her life I am choosing to ignore them.

We then went home and they filmed the kids playing together in the backyard. Of course when the cameras were turned on them, the children got a little hyper so who knows how they will come across on the tv, or how many times I can be heard in the background shushing someone.

Next up they filmed Ashlea having a therapy session with Ana from the RIDBC. I wasn't watching while they filmed it, but I believe Miss Ashlea behaved beautifully. The session went so well that they then did a little impromptu interview with Ana - she was thrilled with that idea as you can imagine.

Finally they interviewed Murray and I. First up they interviewed me on my own, which was a little daunting. I can't remember really what they asked or what I said, so hopefully I haven't totally put my foot in it somewhere. For someone who doesn't always think before she speaks, off the cuff interviews can be dangerous territory! They then interviewed Murray and I together and he did a great job - sang my praises loud and clear! I did rib him afterwards about always saying the right things to everyone else and not to me, but at least I got to hear it this time!

By the time it was all over we were exhausted. Who knew being a star was so tiring??

I think the series is due to go to air around the end of October - I'll keep you posted!


ferfischer said...

How exciting! I hope I can see it on the web - post a link when you have it hopefully! I'd love to see it!

n0thingbuteverything said...

So pleased to hear the appointment went so well, and yay to your big day of filming. Sounds like it all went well.

Definitely let us know when it's on. I've never watched RPA before!

Sarah said...

Firstly....Dianne...how come you haven't watched RPA before?? My fave show ever!

Glad to hear the appt with Kidney specialist went reasonably well and that your filming went well too.

Look forward to seeing it air in October!

Belinda said...

I can't wait to see it. I'm with Sarah, I always watch it.

So glad appointment went well also!