Monday, September 28, 2009

Filming tomorrow!

Tomorrow is our big day.

First up we meet the crew at the kids hospital where they are going to film Ashlea's kidney appointment. Then they are coming back here to film the kids playing in the backyard, Ashlea using her walker, stuff like that and then interview Murray and I (that's the scary bit). Then in the afternoon they are going to film Ashlea having a bit of therapy from RIDBC.

They also want to film Emma and Audrey's swimming lessons but didn't think they had enough time to do it all in one day (the producer was quite surprised to think that yes I would normally try and fit all those activities into a single day), so they are going to film them at swimming later in the week.

Pics of the kids new haircuts...

Maybe we won't use the trampoline to style their hair tomorrow!


Sarah said...

How exciting! and no doubt daunting at the same time...I know I would personally freak out being interviewed...but you guys have done this a few times now so I am sure you will go well, will be thinking of you all and yeah maybe not trampoline hairstlying for tomorrow.

Anna said...

Good Luck for tomorrow!! Love the hair do's!

n0thingbuteverything said...

Those photos are hilarious - love them ;-).

Hope all went well today! Looking forward to hearing more!!