Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy Father's Day

The girls had a lovely time today with M for Father's Day. They have been excitedly making gifts during the week - at preschool they made a gift bag with a hanky, a notepad and pen, a chocolate and of all things some rubber bands (WT??) and at home they made lots of bits of paper stuffed in envelopes. Emma asked me the other day if it was OK to love Daddy a bit more than everyone else on Father's Day because it is his special day - very sweet.

The day started with a big fry-up for breakfast, then I went to church while they kept clogging their arteries with more bacon, and then chocolate for 'dessert'. In the afternoon we all went to the park and flew our $5 kite (thanks for that idea Bron). The kids loved it - and we were by far the most popular people at the park...until another family arrived with their own $5 kite!

Here is Em flying the kite...she did really well at it:

The pictures are pretty far away so it is hard to tell what is happening - Emma is the speck on the ground and the kite is the speck in the air. The next one is Audrey 'flying' the kite - ie her holding the string and running in circles while M held the kite in the air and ran after her!

We have discovered the secret to park success with Ashlea - have her asleep in the pram. Today when we got there she was quite unhappy and crying a lot, but then managed to put herself to sleep - I think in the belief that if she wasn't aware of what was going on then maybe it wasn't really happening. When she woke up she was in a better mood thankfully, and we even took her on the swings and the slide - her new word for the day is 'slippery dip'. I am going to look into some of the brushing/sensory therapies though - I am tired of avoiding places that upset her. We are in danger of ending up with a very small world if we keep that up.

This was our 3rd recent trip to the park after my self-imposed exile of the last year. I have noticed that it is now 'obvious' to other people that Ashlea has a disability. In the past I have been able to get away without questions or comments because she just looked like a younger child in a pram, but I guess we have gone past that point now. Any illusion of slipping under the radar is gone. Now people see her and realise she isn't a baby and that 'something' is going on. Not that anyone has asked me any direct questions, its just a subtle change I've noticed. I think Emma has noticed it as well, as she has started 'explaining' Ashlea to people. A lot of people ask if my girls are twins or triplets, and Emma (after asserting strongly 'I am not a twin') has started to say that 'she (Ashlea) has had lots of sickness that's why she doesn't look like her twin'. I'm not sure how I feel about this, but I guess it is a part of our life - people will always ask questions. I guess too that it isn't just other people realising that Ashlea has a disability, Emma is also realising it.


ferfischer said...

We still have a "sleepy baby" when we go out with Cici - but hopefully we'll get her "chair" soon, and then it will be obvious. No more flying under the radar indeed. I'm not looking forward to it!

n0thingbuteverything said...

Glad you had such a great Fathers Day! I posted a kite flying pic for the day too - also with a kite bought at Bron's recommendation ;-) (my pic was a bit of a cheat - it was a pic from a few weeks ago as my DH is doing night shift at the moment so slept through most of Fathers Day) ;-).

It's tricky once you start to get that sense that people are noticing something 'different'. And probably even trickier with twins - as people seem to have a general fascination with twins anyway. I often have been asked if my boys are twins if we are out and they are both in a pram/stroller. I used to always feel like I had to give a detailed explanation. These days I sometimes even say 'yes' because its just easier ;-).

I thin it's a good thing that Emma has taken the initiative to give a little information. She and Audrey will be great advocates for their sister. xo

Big brother, Little sister. said...

great action shots!!! glad you all had a great day! that breakfast sounds great too :)
I know exactly that feeling when the shift takes place, I welcomed it in a sense and also gives me an opportunity to be honest with other kids who are curious. I think it is great that Emma can explain it simply and is aware of difference even though it does not affect her love for her sisters xo Bron