Sunday, September 27, 2009

More confessions...Do you have a temper?

Do you have a temper? Have you ever lost it in public and later regretted it??? I did today. I lost my temper. With a 2 year old. Someone else's two year old.

We had friends over this afternoon, and for the most part everything was great. All the kids played well together, we had a nice time catching up with our friends - they even helped us sweep the yard!

And then ... one of their kids clocked Audrey on the side of the head with a whiteboard eraser (not the soft side). Hard. Deliberately. For no reason.

Did I immediately rush over and scoop up my poor hysterical baby? Or did I instead run after the perpetrator saying:

"YOU. Come here."

Yep, you guessed right. Instead of letting his parents deal with the situation I went after him, hauled him off my couch and sent him to go and talk to his parents.


I don't think he'll ever want to come back to the place where the scary lady lives. I know I should have just let the parents deal with it while I dealt with Audrey (because they are the type of parents who would have dealt with it), but that protective mother part of me just lost it and chased him down. I know that if the situation were reversed and it was Audrey who did the hitting I probably would have reacted similarly towards her, but if someone else had reacted like that to Audrey I would not be happy.

I think I need to go and mend some fences.

So this poses a it ever OK, or when is it OK, to discipline someone else's child?


Big brother, Little sister. said...

Ouch! on all accounts :)

I think parents need to be the first ones to guide/discipline their own child, but if they are not there right at the time of the offense then I think if you and the parents have an understanding then it's fine for you to "tell them off". I think it's just the way in which it is done that i important. Perhaps just a firm voice rather than any man handling!
I have seen some great "telling off" at a play-centre last week that I cringed went a little too far and was too over the top, I was scared!
I have no problem that if Cooper was on a play-date and I was not there that he get told off if he was misbehaving, but I like to tell him off when I am there! lol
depends on the age of the offender too.
Anway I will stop blabbing on! good luck for tomorrow :)

Sarah said...

Million dollar question!

Not long ago, we were picking up Emily from school and while waiting a child who was only about a year older than Violet came up and pushed Violet, luckily I was close by and caught her. Up until this time I did know this childs mum but only from school pickup time. I said to the girl quite loud and cross "just get lost" and since then the mother has not spoken a word to me, even avoiding eye contact!

I don't regret me telling this child to get lost, at the time I was angry for her doing this to Violet and the potential I saw for danger in her being pushed and falling.

Some parents need to teach their kids some manners! Goodness knows where they have gone these days!

I think that with your friends kids that would be a hard situation because they are your friends...stil that doesn't excuse them from doing the right thing.

When you say how I would react if my child did this to another and was told off by someone else, I think I wouldn't mind as long as I knew exactly what was going on and why they were telling them off...otherwise I would be thinking hang on a minute...