Friday, October 16, 2009

Bon Voyage Aunty Carolin!

Yesterday the girls and I took my sister to the airport. She is going to the US and Canada for a month. Did anyone say jealousy???

I don't think Audrey understands the concept of holidays because as soon as Carolin had disappeared through the departure doors, she burst into tears. And kept it up half way home with the refrain "I want Aunty Carolin to come home with us". After many explanations she seemed to understand that Carolin was on holidays and we would go and pick her up from the airport when she got back.

You can guess what Audrey's first words on getting out of bed this morning can't you?

"Are we going to get Aunty Carolin from her aeroplane?"

Just quietly I am terrified of flying and have watched far too many episodes of Air Crash Investigation so am a little nervous with all the flying Carolin is doing. I keep checking the news to make sure there have been no reports of plane crashes... only a few more hours and she will have landed safely and I can breath a sigh of relief!


Carolin said...

How cute is she! Give her a big hug from me :) Guess what they have WIFI on my plane to NYC!!! Aunty C :)

n0thingbuteverything said...

Oh, thinking of you! As you know we've recently had sad moments at the airport too....hopefully Ashlea will adjust as S has. He's still counting down the days, but is generally much happier about it all now (esp as he's been promised some presents ;-)). I hope your sis has a wonderful time away!!

Alison said...

Very cool about WIFI on the plane. I have turned my laptop on just in case you skype when you get to the hotel.

Have fun!!

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Oh the technology! I love flying!!! Bron

Sarah said...

Oh wifi on planes, now I have been educated on technology!

Know what you mean about those shows, they scare me too!

Belinda said...

Not a good flier!!!! Hope she has a great time!