Sunday, October 25, 2009


Ashlea had a new IFSP (Individual Family Service Plan) drawn up on Friday at the Spastic Centre. We have been on the waiting list for the last few months - and I was expecting to wait even longer, however Ashlea's botox and her upcoming transition to preschool mean that she has been picked up for services sooner than expected. My memory is so bad that I thought we were just going in for a post-botox physio appoinment only to be reminded on arrival that it was actually her IFSP meeting - which means the issues I raised as being of highest importance to be dealt with were really just the issues that I could think of on the day. Hopefully I wasn't too far off the mark.

They seem to be using a new type of IFSP - some Canadian Occupational something or other - can't remember the exact name. It is a bit different in that it has several sections where the family picks areas that need working on, and then at the end you grade all the areas you talked about from 1 - 10 (least important to most important). You then pick your top 5 and they are the ones that get worked on with this IFSP.

So our top 5 - that I came up with off the top of my head and just hope in hindsight are the most important things at present...

1. Obtaining a cognitive assessment for Ashlea. Ever since she had her physical GMFCS assessment I have been wondering if there is a cognitive equivalent. Knowing where she is cognitively - and more importantly what her potential might be - is important for many of the other goals we have chosen to work on, and further in the future will be important for school selection.

2. Bathing. As I said in my recent post Ashlea is getting too big for me to lift in and out of the bath - we need to find an alternative arrangement.

3. Carrying and transferring issues - same as above - I can't keep carrying Ashlea around. This will cover issues such as wheelchairs, working on standing and standing transfers. This is also a little dependent on her cognitive assessment - how much can she understand and therefore co-operate when I ask her to do something? For example, if she had no cognitive impairment I could ask her to crawl to her bed, then stand up against the bed (with help) and then I'd just have to lift her that last step rather than lift her off the floor and carry her the whole way.

4. Developing play skills. Ashlea is very curious about the world but still has quite limited play skills. She often just bashes toys or can only do simple press button activities. We want to work on doing more things with her hands, and also work on developing imaginitive play. I think preschool is going to be GREAT for this.

5. Ashlea's access to the backyard. We need a ramp for Ashlea to access the backyard. I am also hoping we can work on her use of the walking frame - more independence and control - especially coming in to summer. I want her to be able to be outside joining in the play when Emma and Audrey are out there.

I hope I haven't left out anything glaringly obvious. I am hoping that seeing as goal number 2 (showering) should be fairly easy to achieve, that we will be able to tick that one off and possibly move on to goal number 6 on our sheet - not that I have any idea what that was.


Sarah said...

I hate doing the IFSP's aswell. I am the same...end up thinking them up on the spot even though I know well in advance I need to decide what I want prioritised for her goals.

I think you made some great ones and are so important at the moment especially the lifting/carrying for bathing and in general.

What date does Ashela start Preschool? Violet starts 28th Jan. I am thinking of only sending her for a couple of half days for a little bit.

Alison said...

Sarah - she probably starts Jan 29th. She will be going 2 days a week - Tuesday and Friday. I am hoping she will get a lot out of it...we shall see how it goes!

Lacey said...

Ugh, your getting to that stage where its harder to carry her around and your needing stuff to help with that. I know my insurance doesn't cover bath chairs, their condidered convienence items. Yeah its convienant to be able to lift my child in and out of the tub.

Alison said...

Lacey - I can't believe they would consider a bath chair a 'convenience' item! That is appalling!