Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Special Exposure Wednesday

Look who's giving the illusion of playing together!!

The children were out in the backyard when Ashlea walked over (not sure whether on purpose or she just ended up there - she's not very good at going where she wants yet) to see what Audrey was doing in the sandpit. She even put her hand in - but only until she felt the sand at which point the hand came straight back out again!

I love that in this walker Ashlea can stand at a table or activity and participate - I am looking forward to her being able to do more of this at preschool next year.

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PS RPA Where Are They Now? starts tonight on Channel 9 at 8:30pm. I'm not sure what episode number we are...will let you know when I find out.


Marie said...

I've nominated you for a lemonade award stating "I'm thinking of starting a blog for sharing life with Emma, Audrey, and Ashlea with us." on my blog here

Coley said...

Cute photo! Happy WW!

Beverly said...

great photos and what a great sandbox.

The Gang's Momma said...

Thanks for stopping by! I have to laugh, you are the ONLY one that noticed my menu plan! I get a lot of heat from those who know me best, for how "OCD" and "anally organized" I am but it sure helps me manage the inventory and the big appetites of my Gang! :)

Michelle said...

They sure do look like they are playing together! and that's great that she went over there to explore...that's a start right?