Friday, October 9, 2009

The verdict is in...

Actually there are two verdicts that have come in today...
  1. Ashlea is officially a GMFCS Level 3

  2. I may in fact be losing my mind
Ashlea had her 'official' assessment today for the GMFCS and she did indeed turn out to be a level 3 - on the lower side of the level, but definitely a 3. I am sure her paediatrician and neonatologist who assessed her as a one year old (at that time she was most definitely a level 5) will be very pleasantly surprised by this news.

Here is where Ashlea lies on the graph - the 'average' level 3 at age 3 1/2 would score 46 - Ashlea scored 43.79 (by comparison a level 4 of her age would score 36 - 37).

We are pretty impressed with this outcome, and hopefully if the scale is as predictive as it claims to be then this bodes well for her future. It is also good to have this baseline so we know that if she starts slipping below it some sort of intervention is necessary.

And now onto the crazy after the assessment we went to the shops to get some lunch and then decided to stay and have a little browse. About 10 minutes into our browsing I must have put my bag on the floor (or the back of the pram and it slid off) to try on a jacket I had no intention of buying. I then of course walked out of the shop without it. I have walked off without it a couple of times recently but have always realised within 5 minutes. This time how long do you think until I even realised it was missing??? At least 45 minutes. Possibly longer.

Lucky for me another honest customer pointed it out to the girl in the shop who turned it in to Centre Management so it was easily recovered - a big relief as I was having visions of walking home in the rain with the girls and then sitting on the front step until someone arrived home to let us in as my car & house keys were in the bag...and my wallet, phone, ipod, address - you name it - everything you'd need to clean me out!

Please tell me I am not the only one going crazy!


Belinda said...

You're definately not the only crazy one! I know it's not funny, but you always give me a laugh!

Great results for Ashlea! xx.

Lacey said...

Oh you were so lucky. I can't imagine if all that stuff was stolen. Yikes.

n0thingbuteverything said...

Great to see how well Ashlea is doing!

And if you are going crazy, then I am well and truly already there. I don't have enough fingers and toes to count how many times I have left my purse/keys/phone in places - several times on the roof of the car. Even just two days ago I had to drive back to work after realising I'd left my jacket there. I was very tempted to just forget about it until I remembered that it's just about the only one I have that fits me at the moment ;-).