Thursday, October 22, 2009

While you were sleeping...

Ashlea had her EUA this week - Evaluation (of the Eyes) Under Anaesthesia. It went smoothly and no new surprises were discovered - always a good thing!

She hated the eye drops and the anaesthesia - I had to hold her down as usual and almost anaesthetised myself by putting my face too close to hers while she was sucking in the gas. Otherwise it all went very well.

Her prescription in her good eye seems to have improved somewhat - although I am a bit confused about this and need to clarify with her doctor. He seemed to be implying that she doesn't need to wear her glasses anymore. This doesn't mean she is no longer legally blind - just that the vision she has, she doesn't need glasses for. If that even makes sense.

Her bad eye is a bit of a problem. She has no vision in this eye, but has quite bad glaucoma - her eye pressure was 40 (should be under 21). I had been saying to the doctor for awhile that it was getting worse - but you know how sometimes you get the feeling that they don't quite believe you until they do their special test themselves. Well, he did the test. He agreed with my diagnosis. It has been getting worse - and in spite of his registrar telling me at our previous visit that there is no way the eye can rupture - he said yesterday that it is at risk of 'trauma'. I am assuming 'trauma' is his euphemism for 'bursting open and the contents spilling out'. Seeing as no one (least of all ME who would be the most likely witness) wants this, Ashlea is starting on eye drops at night to see if it makes a difference. If the eye drops don't work she may have to have laser surgery to help with the problem. I am keen to try the least invasive option first - especially as if they go overboard with the laser treatment her eye could shrink right down and become really small and then need a prosthesis to look normal - a whole other headache I don't even want to have to consider right now. We follow up with the eye doctor in 6 weeks.

While she was asleep the dentist also came for a quick look at her teeth and his report was better than expected. She has all 20 teeth more or less through and no signs of tooth decay! Her teeth are obviously 'scaley' and not great looking because of her prematurity and kidney problems, but all things considered there are no major dramas there for now. I can't believe I forgot to ask him about her habit of grinding her teeth - I guess she can't have done too much damage to them yet because he didn't say anything about it. We go back and see him in 6 months. I managed to get Audrey in to see him too - we are using the reason of 'needing to see the other twin's teeth for comparison' to get her seen in the clinic rather than me having to pay for her to go to a private dentist. Can I work the system or what???

We don't have any more procedures planned for this year and I am starting to get excited that we may go a whole calendar year without anyone having an admission to hospital. I shouldn't say those words out loud should I???


Sarah said...

Glad Ashlea's EUA went well. Sorry to hear her glaucoma is high. I am very intersted to know the symptoms of why you thought her glaucoma was causing her issues as Violet has been complaining to me about her micro eye causing her pain alot over the past 6 months.

Wonder if they can check her pressure while she is awake and not have a screaming match!

Hope you don't have to resort to prosthesis either, they are no fun!

Anna said...

I so hope you can go a year with no admission to hospital!
I hope that you can get the glaucoma sorted with very little invasiveness. Great to hear about the teeth!!

Alison said...

Sarah - the main symptom of Ashlea's glaucoma is that her eye is really big and swollen with fluid. If Violet's eye is still really tiny it is unlikely she has glaucoma. To test the pressure they need to put a 'thingy' on her eyeball for a second (after putting in anaesthetic drops). It doesn't hurt but that is often irrelevant to our kids!

Marie said...

Glad to hear the EUA went well. I did not realize that Ashlea was also legally blind. (I have not had a chance to go back and read old posts). My son Jack is legally blind too and like Ashlea his glasses prescription is minimal. His eye doctor says that he still has a minimal prescription so we should keep the glasses on for protection of the "good eye" (the one that is legally blind, the other has light perception we think). Sorry to hear about the glaucoma. I hope the eye drops work.

Alison said...

Marie - I hadn't thought of wearing glasses just for protection of the good eye. That is a very good idea.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the info Alison, no her eye isn't swollen. It does get red but that is more from her prosthesis.

Hope the drops are starting to help Ashlea!