Sunday, November 29, 2009

Aaahhh bedtime

I love this time of day. The kids are in bed. The dishes are done piled up in the sink. The toys are put away neatly strewn all over the floor.

Well, aside from a few little glitches in my tidying up routine, I still love this time of day. Time to sit down with a cup of tea, check emails and blogs, and RELAX. It gets even better when you find an email with this photo in your inbox.

This is from the Brilliant Bill of TAD.

It is a picture of Ashlea's new bed rails - and as you can see they are nearly finished! I don't know about you but I think it looks fantastic. I am very excited about getting it installed and getting Ashlea into her own bedroom. Can you believe we are only paying $250 for this fantastic construction??? Bill said the reason it hasn't been finished sooner is that it has been too hot to go into his workshop recently. Fair call - this weather has been unbelievable.

Hopefully it will be a little cooler this week. We have 5 Christmas parties on offer - we are going to attempt to attend 4 of them. I will post photos of us at all of them so you can watch us disintegrating as the week goes on! I also want to put up the Christmas tree this week too. It might be cheesy but I LOVE this time of year - even the crazy Christmas shopping (which I finally started yesterday).

I have already had my first "Mum - is Santa real?" question for the year (from Emma). I feel bad telling bald faced lies to my children, but it didn't stop me. First I asked her what she thought - and she said yes she thinks he is real, so I agreed with her that he is. I can't believe these questions come up so early in life!! I'm sure I didn't cotton on to the facts about Santa until much older. What do you tell your kids? What do you think of the Santa lie???


Big brother, Little sister. said...

Alison, that bed looks great! wow! what a great effort from Bill.
I love christmas too, not the shopping but the making gifts and treats!
I remember my Dad saying to me " Isn;t it funny the tricks we play on kids" when I asked him about Santa. ( I was 8) I then went straight to my 5 year old sister and told her Santa was not real, she still reminds me of this! I would like the kids to believe as long as they can as it changes things when you realise the truth. xo

Anna said...

The bed looks fantastic!
I love this time of year too. Just not the shopping LOL!!
I can't wait to put up our decorations tomorrow.
I love the magic that surrounds Santa. I can't remember when I stopped believeing. But I was 9 I think. I was devastated, and had a hard time understanding that he wasn't real!

ParkerMama said...

Those bed rails look amazing! We need a set!

Sarah said...

Ashlea's new bed rails look great!

We put our tree up yesterday. We did attempt to do it Saturday but once unpacked realised none of our lights were working, so had to make a mad dash to the shops Sunday morning.

Emily has asked me the last 2 years if Santa is real aswell. I also ask her what she thinks and she says yes, even though all the kids in her year at school say he's not real! I don't like the 'lie' either but it's nice to let them believe in it for as long as they can.

Belinda said...

The bed rails look great!

I was devastated when my Grandma, yes Grandma, let me know Santa wasn't real!

Lacey said...

Wow, those are great! I don't know how we are going to fit in all of our Christmas parties. We probably won't.

Marie said...

The bed rails look great. That was the easy question.
Santa? eh...too tired to get into it. We're doing Santa for now.