Monday, November 16, 2009

American Candy

A new and hopefully quieter week has begun.

We had a great time with my sister on Saturday. The girls were very excited to see her, and VERY excited to see all the 'candy'. I must admit that I am now so terrified of flying that I nearly shed a tear when I saw the word "Arrived" beside Carolin's flight number on the arrivals board. My mother was worried about terrorist attacks and muggings while overseas, I was just worried about the international flights...something about flying over water that is very alarming (to me anyway)!

Note to self: must stop watching Air Crash Investigation.

We all got a couple of t-shirts each as presents - Audrey got a very cute one of a person being chased by a bear with the slogan "Canadian fast food". Wish they had an adult size version of that one. I got a nice Harvard t-shirt so I can pretend I've been there.

The first thing we did when Carolin got home was open up the all the bags of 'Candy'. And I have to say - and I'm sorry to offend my American friends - we didn't like most of it. Funny how people in different places like and dislike different things (vegemite is a perfect example).

We tried Candy Corn - Emma was very excited to try it after seeing it on Wow Wow Wubzy. None of us are particularly fussed with that - its a bit too sweet. We also sampled Hershey kisses - again not great. For my Australian readers they taste like easter egg chocolate - a bit sweet and not creamy like Cadbury chocolate. And for the last clanger - I even didn't like Reeses peanut butter cups which I have heard other people rave about. I actually had to spit that one out as it tasted salty as well (I am on a strict no salt diet due to my Menieres). Carolin didn't bring back any Reeses Pieces which I have also heard people rave about. Who is Reese? And what is so good about his piece???

Now I hope I haven't offended anyone too much. Please feel free to tell me if I just haven't tasted the RIGHT candy to make a judgement! For what it is worth I have heard that you guys do REALLY good ice cream in the US. And we did enjoy the lollies in the shape of eye balls and severed toes and noses - that was fun.

So, what is your favourite 'candy'. What should we have tasted? And as Australians what should we be recommending to our overseas guests?


Big brother, Little sister. said...

Alison, I have to agree that Cadburys ( rocky road block!) tastes way better than the states stuff! I did not like any of the States treats when I was there! I did however love their Corn/Lime Doritos which were so good!
So glad that Aunty C made it home safe! I agree traveling over water scares me a little and I often imagine how on earth I would keep the kids heads above water when we crash but only for a minute as I am too busy chasing Pepper up and down the aisle!

ferfischer said...

Oh hahahahahahaha! I got such a kick out of this. Now. I do love my Reece's peanut butter cups, and my candy corn. But I don't like Reece's pieces - you're not missing anything there. And I wouldn't bother with our chocolate at all - we know it is FAR inferior to anything Cadbury. I pay for the British stuff if I want anything good. From AUS, I loved Violet Crumble, though. And most stuff Cadbury. I can find that stuff here if I really try - it's imported from somewhere! Tim Tams you could market here for a ton - those are yummy! But you're right, I can't get myself the nerve to try vegemite (also avail here if I try). Blech.

Alison said...

Jenny - my sister just took some tim tams and Violet Crumbles to some friends in the US recently - if she was going to Colorado I would have sent you some too! I'm more than happy to send you some supplies if you want!

Sarah said...

I am not really a candy kind a girl actaully.

Think Tim Tams are the only must for all those overseas!

Ally said...

Oh Alison, you are SO right about the Hershey's Kisses - they're really odd tasting...almost dry chocolate>?

Although, I would still eat them in a chocolate emergency!

n0thingbuteverything said...

You're right about US candy, but I will admit to being a fan of Peanut Butter cups! However, what I got most addicted when I was living in the US was Ben & Jerry's ice-cream - New York Super Fudge Chunk especially! SO much so that an amazing friend of mine was able to BRING ME BACK a tub when she last flew over there (she got them to put it on dry ice in the plane ;-).

As for Australian treats, definitely agree on the Tim-tams and would add twisties for sure.

I will admit to being mostly a fan of Belgian chocolate - LOVE my Lindt balls.....

So glad your sister is back safely. I am scared of flying, but love to travel so just do my best to imagine that I am somewhere else most of the time I am in the air AND I would NEVER watch any air crash TV shows!!! ;-)

Marie said...

No to Reese's Peanut Butter cups? Then you would not like his pieces either. I'm not really big on candy either. Maybe you would rather enjoy a plain Hershey's chocolate bar?