Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday ramblings

It's been a busy week this week with lots of ups and downs. We've had to cancel our regular therapy busy-ness in order to just get through this weeks busy-ness.

It started with the funeral of my friend's husband on Monday. So so sad. It brought back that collective feeling of sadness that I used to have all the time when Ashlea was a baby - I didn't just feel sad for me and Ashlea but for all the children and families in situations they didn't expect to find themselves in. The funeral brought that feeling back - I was sad for H in her situation but also for all my friends going through difficult situations.

Tuesday was Ashlea's preschool meeting which I have already blogged about.

Wednesday was Remembrance Day which is always sad. We had a service at work around the flag pole - the Last Post always reduces me to tears. For anyone wondering why I get emotional about Remembrance and Anzac Days my Grandfather was an Anzac so I am quite passionate about the importance of remembering the sacrifice of previous (and current) generations. Wednesday night I got my first glimpse of the "Next week on RPA" trailer. I am much more anxious about being on TV this time than last time and was on edge throughout the whole show just waiting for the last minute when they showed what would be on next week. I hate to think how nervous I will be next Wednesday!

Thursday Emma had kindergarten orientation. Don't tell her but that made me feel teary too! The current kindies sang a song to the new kindies - something about look at you you're coming to school. It was very cute but I think all the parents teared up at the thought of their little ones being big enough to start school. I think Emma is still quite hesitant about the whole thing but starting to look forward to it too. She is very friendly and talkative which covers up the fact that she gets very anxious about things - especially new things. The children met their buddies' (year 5 kids who befriend them) yesterday and the buddies had made them a card to welcome them to school. Emma carried hers around all afternoon.

And now the best part of the week - tomorrow my sister gets back from overseas. I am SO excited - don't tell her but I've been a bit lost on the weekends without her (we often disappear to the shops for awhile on Saturday afternoons). The kids are pretty excited too - especially as they have heard about the bags of 'Halloween candy' that are coming their way. Tomorrow night I'm also catching up with my good friend S who is newly back from Ireland - very exciting! Tomorrow is going to be a great day.


Sarah said...

Kindy/School goes very quickly doesn't it. I can't believe my Emily will be going into year 4!

I am sure you will do a super job on RPA as you have in the past episodes you have been on. I think the preview looked and sounded great!

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Alison, I am sorry you have had such a reflective emotional week. I am so happy for you that Aunty C is coming home!!! yay! I am sure she is a great support and hope you can get shopping very soon together.
love bron xo

n0thingbuteverything said...

Wow. What a week! I am looking forward to RPA on Wed, but I understand you being nervous! I am sure you'll be great though!!! Hope your reunion with your sister was great. Hope the kids loved their candy. Also hope there was a few special treats for you too!