Friday, November 27, 2009

The 'Its Not Thanksgiving' thanksgiving post

We don't celebrate Thanksgiving Down Under, and while I am usually not big on adopting overseas holidays I have been reading a lot of blogs of mums and dads who are really thankful for the progress their child with special needs has made this year.

I thought I would chime in with my own list because this has been an amazing year for Miss Ashlea.

In the last year she has:
  • learnt to crawl
  • learnt to W sit
  • learnt HEAPS of words - to the point where she can now tell you what she wants (sometimes). Eg take shoes off, I play toys, I love Mummy/Daddy/turtle etc.
  • not had a hospital admission (!!!)
  • learnt to point (she has just learnt this in the last few weeks). She doesn't point with her finger, rather she flings her whole hand in the direction of what she is pointing at. Good enough for me.
  • had stable kidney function - no deterioration this year - always a good thing
That is a pretty awesome list if you ask me and I am INCREDIBLY thankful for this progress. Of course it makes me a little greedy too...hoping for another year of great improvements to come.

So, Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends, and happy not-thanksgiving-but-we-still-want-to-give-thanks-for-our-children's-progress' to my Australian and other non-US friends. It would be remiss of me not to mention the One it is that we give this thanks to - our great God - the One loves and sustains us each and every day.


Sarah said...

Ashlea sure has had an amazing year! You must be so proud of her!

ferfischer said...

Those are HUGE! I only hope that some day I can write those same items, and I would be so excited!

Alison said...

Oh Jenny - I really hope you get to write about those achievements too - you'll hear me screaming with excitement all the way from here when C achieves these milestones.

Anna said...

FANTASTIC achievements!! Bet that list just keeps growing and growing too!

Marie said...

What an awesome year! I love your "It's Not Thanksgiving but we are thankful" theme. :)

carol said...

It's always good to be thankful!