Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wheelie good news!

Can you tell from my terrible pun that we have good news on the wheelchair front?

The funding for the wheelchair (Quickie GTX) we applied for just a few months ago has been approved!

Of course there are no actual funds available at present but when they become available the wheelchair will be ordered (there's always something isn't there!?). I would imagine that the absolute latest would be towards the end of the financial year, but I am expecting and hoping for much sooner than that.

Actually there are 2 hiccups this time - seeing as 'they' - the PADP - also funded Ashlea's special pram (the Swifty Stroller), they figure that now that we are getting a wheelchair we no longer need the pram and should give it back. I understand that funds are tight and what not, but really, we still need the pram and I am going to fight to keep it awhile longer.

The pram and the wheelchair really serve different purposes. The wheelchair is for attending preschool and being seen as a child rather than a baby in a pram. We will use the wheelchair as much as possible, but there are times when a pram is more appropriate. The pram has more of a recline in the seat, so if I were going out for the entire day (because we all know that is such a good idea with a special needs child) I would take it rather than the wheelchair as Ashlea would most likely need to fall asleep at some point. Also the pram has a shade and rain cover which make life easier in hot or rainy weather. The pram is lighter and easier to get in and out of the car for short trips into preschool / school pickups. If Ashlea were sick and needed to go to the doctor or hospital she would be more comfortable reclining in her pram. And then there is my personal favourite reason - sometimes you just don't want to be that conspicuous, and you want to duck through the shops with a pram rather than a stare-attracting wheelchair.

I don't think it is being greedy to want to keep both - well I hope not anyway. If we find Ashlea doesn't need the pram after awhile I am more than happy to pass it on to the next person. It has been fantastic and we love it. Which is why I plan on keeping it awhile longer!

PS Don't forget - only 1 more sleep until RPA Where Are They Now? Channel 9, 8:30pm Wednesday 18th November.


Sarah said...

Great to hear the funding has been approved!

Hope you don't have to wait too much longer though!

I think that is terrible for them to assume no longer needing her Swifty Stroller. As you said they serve different purposes both which she will be using them for!

Seeyou tomorrow night on RPA

n0thingbuteverything said...

Oh wow! Fantastic!!
And NO you are not being greedy!! I hope you're able to keep the pram too. They definitely have a different function!