Saturday, December 19, 2009

Preschool Graduation

This week was the last week of preschool for the year, and Emma's last day of preschool forever.  Both girls had preschool parties and concerts to attend.

Here is Audrey on the stage doing her thing...  She has loved attending preschool and has adapted really well.  She got right into the concert:


Receiving her preschool portfolio...

Sigh...she is so grown up now!

Emma's concert was the following day.  It has taken 3 years but Emma is now able to co-operate at the concert.  I have used the preschool concert as my measure of school readiness and it has taken until this year for her to be able to stand on stage and sing and do what she is meant to.  Usually she is doing her own thing and trying to get everyone's attention.  Here she is singing AND doing the actions:

Of course she still did need to call out to the entire audience at one stage..."I'm SWEATY".  In her defence it was 40 degrees celsius that day.


The high point was at the end of the concert when Emma played the piano.  We were so proud.  She played Jingle Bells (one hand only) and did really well.  Just quietly I thought she might have freaked out at the last minute and refused to play but she did it and enjoyed it.

Then she got her portfolio.

And with that she is no longer a preschooler.

I think she feels a bit sad about finishing preschool (as do I), and a bit apprehensive about starting school (as do I).  We are all happy to be on holidays until the end of January though!

Sorry for the quality of some of the photos - I had to either chop or pixelate out other children.  Also I was on a funny angle for the portfolio photos and ended up needing to chop out unflattering photos of the teacher's backsides - I should be nice to them as we still have another 2 year there with the twins!


Lacey said...

Too cute. Those dresses are adorable!!

Marie said...

The girls look adorable! Funny to see how hot y'all are. We are what we call (and I'm sure you would too) freezing here in the Southeastern US.

Ally said...

Too cute for words!!!!!!

Look how grown up Audrey is now!!!

n0thingbuteverything said...

Congrats on both fronts!! Fantastic photos too and your pixelating skills are impressive - how did you do that?