Saturday, January 16, 2010

Friday Five

We have had quite a busy week this week, so here is a quick update of 5 of the 'big' things for us...

1.  Emma and Audrey had 'swimvac' - special holiday swimming lessons.  They have both finally decided they like putting their heads under the water.  Finally.  After 18 months of lessons we are finally making some progress.


2.  Ashlea does have rickets (see Tuesday's post about her latest blood test).  Her x-ray showed some changes consistent with rickets caused by her kidney failure and low phosphate levels.  We started her on supplements today and she may need to resume another medication that effects her parathyroid and vitamin D levels (somehow they are all connected).  I forgot to ask if the changes to her bones are likely to reverse once treatment is started or if it just prevents further damage.  Anyone kidney people know???

3.  I spent the entire day at the tennis yesterday with my sister (she got free tickets through her work).  It was fantastic - we got to see Serena Williams, Elena Dimentieva & Lleyton Hewitt.  We even got a free corporate lunch.  Mind you they put the lunch on right when Serena Williams' match was on.  What were they thinking???  I stayed for about 5 minutes and then hot-footed it back to the game.

4. Murray and I are having a night away from the children.  A few couples from church are on a 'marriage enrichment' weekend.  I am usually a little sceptical about these things - but hey its our first night away from the children EVER (except for when I was in hospital after having the twins...which doesn't count!) so I am not complaining.

5.  My name is Alison and I am an internet addict.  We are actually on the marriage thing RIGHT NOW and I am blogging!!!  Its OK - everyone else has gone to bed.  I just needed a little fix.  Being an anxious poppet I wasn't sure if I'd be able to sleep so I brought a distracttion my addiction along with me.


karina said...

My name is Karina and I am an internet addict! Hi Alison!

Ally said...

Happy child free break!!!!

Sorry to hear about Ashlea and the rickets. I hope you can get more answers soon.

V jealous you got to see Lleyton, I have such a bogan crush on him!

Anna said...

Hehe to you internet addiction. I can so relate. Hope you are having a great weekend just you and Murray. Well deserved.