Saturday, January 2, 2010

Picnic Pics

We had a great night at the Lord Mayors Picnic on NYE.  Even Ashlea enjoyed herself...mostly...except for during the fireworks.  Here are some photos...

On arrival at the picnic EVERY child received a recorder...there are 1000 children at this can imagine the sound of 1000 recorders screeching en masse can't you.

Ashlea's response to her sister's recorder playing...


The picnic is really well organised.  There is entertainment, food, heaps of activities for the children including face painting, magical creatures, a king and queen, bad guys (who need the recorders blown at them), motor bikes to sit on, tea parties, X-Box and to finish off the night - fireworks.


Thanks Lord Mayor!  Please invite us again.


Sarah said...

Looks like another great night at Lord mayor's.
Love Ashlea's response to her sisters recorder playing.
Girls face painting looks beautiful!

Ally said...

Great pics Alison! Look how tall Audrey is now!

I wanna go to this Lord Mayor's picnic!!!!!

I just watched you guys on RPA again the other night!

Susan, Mum to Molly said...

Was lovely to see you on the walk out. Hope you got home OK.

We were recognised by one of the characters on stilts - her day job is as a clown doctor at SCH. Bit of a worry...

Was a great night. We were very lucky with the weather. Best wishes to you all for 2010!