Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hey Lady - can I be your new BFF?

With the start of school this week, has come the start of many school drop offs and pick ups.  Can anyone please tell me WHY OH WHY does it pour with rain at 9am and 3pm but not at any other time during the day?  (OK maybe this doesn't happen everyday - but so far we've had 3 school days and they have all been rain-filled).  Getting 3 children into school in the rain is a nightmare - especially if one of those children is in a wheelchair and unable to hold her own umbrella.  BUT, I have a cunning plan...

I have seen another mother, who appears to have a child at school and a younger child who is also in a wheelchair.  I have spied her in the distance as we've both been wrangling wheelchairs out of vans and school children through the gate.  I am going to lie in wait for her try and bump into her at school this week.  I have plans for us to be BFF's - even if only at pick up and drop off time on rainy days.  That way one of us can stay with the kids in the cars while the other runs down to pick up the school kids.  It is a great plan...just as long as she doesn't think I'm a crazy person when I pounce on her this week.  Wish me luck!

In other news Ashlea seems to be making a little improvement in her crawling.  She is still quite weak and can only go short distances, but she seems more willing to try and crawl so that has got to be a good sign.  Her physio saw her last week and was shocked by the change since our previous appointment.  She advised us to give Ashlea as much opportunity to crawl as possible, and not to use the standing or walking frames at the moment as she is too weak.  Even though it was bad that she was shocked by Ashlea's condition, it was good to have someone who knows Ashlea confirm that I'm not going crazy and that there is a noticeable physical difference in he rmuscle tone and strength -  someone (a medical person who shall remain nameless) had suggested to me that perhaps this was an attention seeking if Ashlea has the cognitive skills to be able to do that.  Or maybe they thought I was being the attention seeker...who knows!!

Ashlea also had an eye appointment last week.  The eye doctor confirmed that during her last EUA her prescription seems to have changed significanly (from +5.00/-6.00 to just plain old +1.50).  I can't figure out how this is possible - the implication is that she may not even need to wear glasses.  Don't get too excited - she is still legally blind due to her optic nerve hypoplasia - just that the vision she has she may not need glasses for.  The problem is it is nearly impossible to test her eyes at the clinic due to her hatred of doctors and medical procedures, so I am going to do a little test of my own at home.  I am going to get the new glasses made up, and then get the orthoptist from RIDBC to come out and do a vision assessment - once with the old glasses, once with the new glasses, and once with no glasses.  Whichever she gets the best results on is what we'll go with.  I know I sound a little crazy at this point, but I think it is the only way to test her eyes somewhat accurately - short of having another EUA - which the doctor tried to schedule for 3 months time.  Not likely mate.

I've got to go and do all my grown up 'school mum' jobs now in preparation for the week.  Does anyone know how to iron culottes?  Or even why anyone would think they were a good idea for a school uniform???


Molly said...

Alison good luck in making the new BFF, it sounds like it would be such a help ! Im keeping my fingers crossed for you !

Sarah said...

Alison, you are hillarious, I think it sounds a totally rational thing to ask the lady you have spotted at school.

Glad to hear there has been a slight improvememnt with Ashlea's crawling. Can't believe a medical person said she was doing it for attention! That is terrible, I am intrigued to know if I know them?

Good idea about testing her eyes with RIDBC Orthoptist. Hope you get more accuracy than the hospital...Violet is terrible with them too.

Culottes and ironing, I am sorry but I don't iron anything! Once I wash Emily's I hang them to dry and they don't need ironing, I swear they don't!