Monday, February 1, 2010

Paed Review

Ashlea got reviewed by her paediatrician today.  We were meant to go and see her this Wednesday, but after consulting together our paediatrician and rehab specialist decided that Ashlea should be seen today and given a thorough examination just in case something had been overlooked.

Unfortunately that meant fronting up to the ED again.  Fortunately it was just a matter of paging the registrar (who looked about 12 I might add) and he came straight down and met us.  He took a detailed history and examined Ashlea and then we went to find somewhere Ashlea could crawl on the floor so the doctor could see what was actually happening.

He could see that she was hesitant to crawl.  It is like she is an old lady - she slowly gets up on her hands and knees for awhile, crawls a little way and then gingerly lies down again.  Despite this she doesn't appear to be in any pain.  His feeling was that it was possibly some sort of inflammation. Ashlea then had some blood taken to check for any signs of inflammation, and specifically for muscle inflammation.  She also had a full blood count to check for signs of infection.  Everything came back NORMAL - I am really not used to hearing that when it comes to Ashlea!.  We also had hip and knee x-rays to check that there weren't any little fractures that we'd missed - but they all came back clear too (except for the obvious signs of rickets - which the doctors said wasn't likely to cause pain).

SO, there are no signs of anything seriously nasty going on with Ashlea.  Her electrolyes are good (Ashlea good anyway), she doesn't have Guillain Barre, there are no signs of infection or inflammation, and no broken bones.  We are now just going to watch and wait and see what happens.  Hopefully things will go back to normal of their own accord.  She has possibly tried to crawl a little more over yesterday and today so hopefully that is the start of something???  One experiment I might try is to give her some panadol and see if she is able to crawl more freely - that might indicate if she is in pain when crawling.  The thing is that when she isn't weight bearing she moves all limbs freely and vigorously so they obviously aren't in pain then.  Its a mystery.  I also feel that she is better in the evening than the morning...but that could just be her taking after her dad ;-)

Anyway, I feel reassured that we have investigated the problem reasonably thoroughly now.  As is often the case with Miss Ashlea there is no clear cut answer.   Thanks for all your thoughts, prayers and good wishes for us.  I will keep you updated on her progress.


Sarah said...

Alison, I am so glad you were able to see Paed today instead and get Ashlea thoroughly examined.

Also glad to hear knee, hip and bloods were "Ashlea Good".

Thanks for updating us xx

ferfischer said...

Hugs! I hope she feels better soon. I have a friend whose son got Guillian Barre, and it happened VERY fast (also, with no apparent trigger other than a cold).

n0thingbuteverything said...

It's good that you've had good news, but I hope that she's 100% back to her normal self before long.